Corporate Healthcare

Corporate Wellness Programs are designed to ensure

Annual check-up schemes- Made to suit the needs of employees, these schemes are tailor-made by our corporate sales team. These are planned by age group and gender for the employees of any organization.

Pre-employment check-ups- As per job profile requirements, either our team designs these pre-employment packages for your employees or we can conduct tests as already designed by you.

On-site camps for employees- Our dedicated camp team can cover pathology & non pathology tests for your employees in the comfort of your office.

Corporate Objectives

We believe the following objectives must be achieved



For the above objectives to be achieved, we have various health evaluation and management programs which is tailor made to meet the requirements of our clients in the most effective way and at the best market cost. We have the following health programs and much more, from which you would be able to select one or more of the packages as per your interest. We also do customized packages according to the requirement of the company on yearly contracts, such as Year Health Planners

Health Evaluation & Management Programs

Occupational Health Center

There are various guidelines governing the functions of Occupational Health Centers and it becomes difficult for the Management to focus on those routine, but at the same very serious statutory compliance issues, whilst focus in productivity and target of the Company. Standard Healthcare can assist you in setting up OHC’s and maintaining it with required no of doctors (AFIH Qualified full time / Part time), Paramedical Staff, Ambulance Services, Lab & Pharmac. We also indulge in activities such as, conducting onsite/offsite pre-employment examination, etc…

Periodical Health Checkup

We Execute regular health checkups annually & also pre-employment checkups

Accomplished Medical Team

Our AFIH certified doctors are highly efficient in managing injuries ensuring industrial hygiene along with employees healthcare.


Ergonomics program are formulated especially to carryout with the postural training such as to prevent the Muscular-Skeletal disorders.

Biomedical Waste Management

Standard Healthcare holds specialized Biomedical waste management program which helps factories to treat their biomedical waste effectively and release them in a safe and secured manner

Training Strategy

Training program like CPR, BLS, ACLS being carried out on a regular basis for health personnel (fire and safety training).

Expertise In Audit

Besides having a medical panel expertise in different OHS-MS, we also excel in ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001 and HACCP.


Visa / Immigration health checkup

Document Checklist


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